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  • ACV, Premier  (90 Caps) ACV, Premier  (90 Caps)

    ACV, Premier (90 Caps)

    Technical Bulletin Premier ACV offers the most pristine, all natural, organically cultured Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) created with our signature probiotic-cultured technology. It delivers all of the outstanding benefits of low temperature, air-dried...

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  • Adaptogen-R3™ Adaptogen-R3™


    Technical Bulletin DO YOU FEEL STRESSED FROM TIME TO TIME? Introducing an outstanding class of herbs called adaptogens. An adaptogen is an herb that has the unique ability to “adapt” its function according to your body’s specific...

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  • AdrenaVen™ AdrenaVen™


    Technical Bulletin Adaptogenic Support for the Adrenals Feaatures Fermented Cordyceps sinensis Pure Vegan Purity Verified Phyto-forensic screened for adulterants Do You Feel Occasional Stress? Do You Sometime Experience...

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  • AllerCaps AllerCaps


    AllerCaps is a comprehensive, multi-nutrient nutraceutical formula that promotes healthy inflammatory support and immune health. This formula features several important nutraceutical agents. NAC (nacetyl- l-cysteine) promotes the endogenous production...

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  • Allicidin® Allicidin®


    PRL Technical Bulletin WHAT IS OUR TOP IMMUNE SUPPORT PRODUCT? Many turn to Allicidin® for their most important client needs. This product offers a broad-spectrum formula that showcases a premier quality garlic extract with a high, concentrated...

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  • Asta Complete-FX Asta Complete-FX

    Asta Complete-FX

    Asta Complete-FX™ is a unique formula that features a selected range of valued botanicals including natural algae-sourced astaxanthin, a potent, lipid soluble carotenoid antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals. Astaxanthin accumulates in...

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  • B12-ND‚™ B12-ND‚™


    Tecnical Bulletin Should you consider vitamin B12 as part of your dietary supplement regimen? For most people, it may be difficult to get a sufficient amount of vitamin B12 from their diet because the sources of vitamin B12 are mostly found in high...

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  • BiliVen™ BiliVen™


    BiliVen™ offers a unique, nutraceutical gallbladder formula that promotes comprehensive detoxification, gallbladder support and healthy bile metabolism support. BiliVen™ continues to be a perennial favorite of many practitioners as a key...

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  • Canadian Gold Honey Canadian Gold Honey

    Canadian Gold Honey

    Are you ready for a deliciously unique and exquisite taste? Canadian Gold Honey is a pure, raw, unpasteurized, legendary honey from wildflowers in the remote, pristine wildlands of Northern Canada. Commercial honey (also called “raw”) may be...

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  • Cardio-ND™ Cardio-ND™


    Cardio-ND™ provides, probiotic-fermented formula that is a nutritional industry first! The nutrients in Cardio-ND™ have been micro-cultured and micro-digested under controlled conditions to deliver comprehensive support for the cardiovascular...

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  • CardioVen‚™ CardioVen‚™


     CardioVen™ is a targeted nutraceutical formula that promotes premier cardiovascular health. This product features premier quality coenzyme Q-10 (50 mg/cap) which is derived from a natural fermentation process (not synthetic CoQ-10). This...

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  • Castor Oil, Premier Castor Oil, Premier

    Castor Oil, Premier

    Castor oil is an ancient oil called the “hand of Christ,” and has been used for thousands of years by many cultures, especially for skin health and cleansing. This castor oil is sourced from India, considered to be the finest source of...

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  • CereVen™ CereVen™


    CereVen™ provides a comprehensive premier quality formula that promotes support for the brain. It features three key nutraceutical blends: NeuroSynergy™, NeuroCleanse™, and IQ Pro™. .

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  • Chem Detox, Premier Chem Detox, Premier

    Chem Detox, Premier

     Premier Chem Detox provides a premier quality cleansing formula that offers whole body detoxification support. It features modified citrus pectin, a unique dietary fiber, that is processed from natural citrus pectin. It is complexed with a plant...

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  • Cherry Elixade™ Cherry Elixade™

    Cherry Elixade™

    Cherry Elixade™ contains a premier quality black cherry juice concentrate that is made from premier grown cherries. It has a rich, delicious taste with the full spectrum of the cherry’s naturally occurring phytonutrients. Cherry...

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  • CircuZyme™ CircuZyme™


    Technical Bulletin Circuzyme™ contains citrus-sourced diosmin, a type of plant chemical used to target blood vessel support. This superior formula also contains increased amounts of amino acids. These amino acids make up the building blocks of...

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  • Coconut Oil, Premier Coconut Oil, Premier

    Coconut Oil, Premier

    Premier Coconut Oil contains raw, virgin, organic coconut oil. A quality source of coconut oil is one of the most versatile and healthiest oils to add to daily smoothies, salads or other foods. Due to its high smoke point, it is excellent for cooking and...

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  • Coffee, Premier Coffee, Premier

    Coffee, Premier

    This elegant, rich, organic coffee is one of the highest quality coffees we have ever found. This product meets our proprietary Biofield standards, and is not burned or overly roasted (which ruins its beneficial factors). When grown and processed...

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  • CogniTropic™ (120 caps) CogniTropic™ (120 caps)

    CogniTropic™ (120 caps)

    Technical Bulletin This advanced brain support formula is the culmination of an emerging class of patent pending botanical compounds scientifically formulated to target cerebral performance-boosting mental focus, attention, working memory, recall...

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  • Colostrum-IgG‚™ Caps Colostrum-IgG‚™ Caps

    Colostrum-IgG‚™ Caps

    Colostrum-IgGTM features bovine colostrum with a whole host of naturally occurring immunoglobulins which effectively support immune health. In addition, this concentrate delivers a full spectrum of multiple immune support agents, including naturally...

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  • Complete B, Premier Complete B, Premier

    Complete B, Premier

     Technical Bulletin B vitamins play important roles in nearly all of the body’s functional systems. Some of the wide-reaching supportive roles of B vitamins include the health of the nervous system, support for liver, skin and hair as well as...

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  • CoQ-10, Premier CoQ-10, Premier

    CoQ-10, Premier

    PRL Technical Bulletin FERMENTED CoQ-10. We recommend Premier CoQ-10 (natural ubiquinone) as the wise product of choice when selecting your CoQ-10 dietary supplement. Our CoQ-10 is produced through a natural fermentation process which yields 100...

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  • Coral Legend (2oz Powder) Coral Legend (2oz Powder)

    Coral Legend (2oz Powder)

     Technical Bulletin Coral Legend provides 100% pure Sango marine coral powder (no fillers or additives such as ground sand), delivering premier calcium and magnesium minerals with an impressive 2:1 ratio for superb mineral absorption. This powder...

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  • Coral Legend (8oz Powder) Coral Legend (8oz Powder)

    Coral Legend (8oz Powder)

    Technical Bulletin Coral Legend provides 100% pure Sango marine coral powder (no fillers or additives such as ground sand), delivering premier calcium and magnesium minerals with an impressive 2:1 ratio for superb mineral absorption. This powder...

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  • Coral Legend Plus Coral Legend Plus

    Coral Legend Plus

    Technical Bulletin Are you getting the minerals you really need in you daily diet? Most likely not! Without regular intake of highly bio-available minerals, maintaining an ideal alkaline pH is almost impossible. We have found that the most...

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  • Coral Legend Plus 300 Caps Coral Legend Plus 300 Caps

    Coral Legend Plus 300 Caps

    Technical Bulletin Coral Legend Plus is a coral-based formula that provides legendary mineral support for the bones, joints, teeth and an optimal alkaline pH. This formula features Coral MinUltraTM which contains premier quality calcium and magnesium...

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  • Cotton Flannel

    Cotton Flannel

    For superior results, apply 1 tablespoon of Premier Castor Oil on 1 layer of 6”x 8” cotton flannel. (Optional: Mix 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder into the oil). Place the flannel pack on a target body area; apply gentle heat for 20 minutes...

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  • D3 Serum D3 Serum

    D3 Serum

    PRL Technical Bulletin Introducing Premier Research Labs D3 Serum. D3 Serum offers 1,000 IU per serving of natural-source Vitamin D3 as a fat-soluble liquid in a base of extra virgin olive oil. D3 Serum is the preferred form of vitamin D is D3 (not...

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  • Daily One, Premier Daily One, Premier

    Daily One, Premier

    This ideal, daily nutritional formula for the entire family is a once-living phytonutrient formula. This all-in-one supplement provides broad spectrum, premier nutrition delivering a quantum shift in energy, health and vitality. What are the RDAs for...

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  • Deltanol™ Deltanol™


    PRL Technical Bulletin Naturally sourced from the annatto plant. Promotes cardiovascular and circulatory health. Provide support for healthy total cholesterol levels as well as LDL cholesterol levels already within the normal range. Promotes...

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  • DentaVen™ DentaVen™


    DentaVen™ features a probiotic-based formula for superior oral health for adults as well as children. This product offers a specialized, patented strain of Streptococcus salivarius, a beneficial bacteria that commonly colonizes the oral cavity...

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  • DermaVen‚™ DermaVen‚™


    PRL Technical Bulletin DO YOU WANT BEAUTIFUL SKIN, HAIR AND NAILS?Welcome to DermaVen™ and its revolutionary ingredient, solubilized keratin. Supplementing with bioavailable keratin can promote skin firmness, elasticity and protein structure...

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    The DEX II is the ideal inversion table alternative, offering inverted decompression and extension on a platform that is more effective and versatile than a typical Roman Chair or hyperextension bench! The DEX II is a forward-rotating, hip-support...

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  • DHEA, Premier DHEA, Premier

    DHEA, Premier

    Premier DHEA contains DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) that has been synthesized from wild yam as the starting material. During a proprietary laboratory process, the compound diosgenin is extracted from wild yam (dioscorea) which is then used to synthesize...

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  • Digest, Premier Digest, Premier

    Digest, Premier

      PRL Technical Bulletin ALL NATURAL VEGETARIAN ENZYMESPremier Digest is a complete, high potency formula that delivers a broad spectrum profile of the most potent and pure source of vegetarian enzymes to support the digestion of proteins,...

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  • Digestase-SP™ Digestase-SP™


    Efficient digestion is one of the most important keys to maintaining great health. Digestase-SP™ provides an extraordinary plant-based enzyme formula that offers specialized enzymes to support the digestion of carbohydrates and protein, including...

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  • EFAs Liquid, Premier EFAs Liquid, Premier

    EFAs Liquid, Premier

    Many people are deficient in EFAs. EFAs (or essential fatty acids) are important compounds found in the structure of cells, and which provide energy for the body's internal processes. Essential fatty acids are specific fatty acids that are required by...

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  • Enema Bucket

    Enema Bucket

    This versatile enema bucket works well for all enema uses and is easy to use. It has an open top that allows for easy pouring of enema fluids into the bucket (such as water, coffee, etc.). Its one-and-one-half quart size easily accommodates the amount of...

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