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Finally! A Plant-Based Multi-Vitamin and So Much More.

Posted by Peter Seymour Howe on Dec 5th 2020

The New Premier Multi-Vitamin

I knew that Premier Research Labs had a revolutionary new Multi-Vitamin in Research and Development for some time. I was very excited when they announced its release earlier this year.

I knew the Premier Multi-Vitamin would be entirely organic, plant-based and vegetarian/vegan. And that it would be non-GMO and free of synthetics, fillers, non-nutritional ingredients, etc. That’s what Premier Research Labs does.

What I didn’t know was just how many other benefits Premier would pack into this new vitamin and mineral formula.

More than just a daily vitamin.

The new Premier Multi-Vitamin offers a broad-spectrum profile of potent and pure naturally occurring phytonutrients that support the cell resonance of the body’s organs and glands. What does this mean?

In addition to the complete set of high-quality vitamins and minerals you’d expect in a multi from Premier, there are the following additional factors included that until now we’ve needed to get from a whole bunch of separate supplements:

  • Immune Primers - Specific immune-boosting botanicals that can prime the body’s natural defense mechanisms during stressful periods when immune-specific concerns are present
  • Energy Drivers - Factors important for energy metabolism and optimizing adrenal gland function, and critical to supporting healthy homocysteine metabolism and S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) production
  • Cognition Factors - Scientifically formulated to provide advanced brain factors to target cerebral performance and maintain cognitive health and memory
  • Bone Elements - Clinically designed with nutrients to promote healthy bones, joint function and connective tissue
  • pH Essentials - 39 plant-source trace minerals designed to promote the body’s beneficial alkaline pH, critical to establishing and maintaining an ideal body tissue pH
  • Mood Regulators - Advanced nutrients, clinically designed with active compounds, to support a state of calm mood and emotional balance during times of stress and anxiety
  • Cardiovascular Complex - Optimal concentrations of nutraceutical agents effective in directly supporting cardiovascular and heart health
  • Liver Phyto-Compounds - Targeted hepato-supportive nutrients – potent botanical compounds with antioxidant properties to help with daily cleansing and promote liver function to optimize the body’s overall health
  • Intestinal Botanicals - This is a nutritional industry first – providing a convenient gluten-free, fermented plant blend with both prebiotic and postbiotic activity

A Multi-Vitamin for Our Times

I know this is a lot of information to absorb. What I like is that the Premier Multi-Vitamin is a single nutritional supplement that will make life easier by combining at least 10 pills into one. It covers all the essential bases. And it addresses key health concerns that have become all too common these days: Stress and anxiety. Our immune system. Energy. Brain function. Alkalizing. Detoxing. Digestion.

Give the Premier Multi-Vitamin a try. See here for more in-depth information and to purchase it. As always, we’re available if you have questions or would like to know more about our holistic health products and services. Just call or use our Contact Form.

Good health occurs from the inside out!