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Stress Management - What are Adaptogens and how do they help with stress relief?

Posted by Peter Seymour Howe on Dec 5th 2020


You’re not alone. In today's world many of us regularly experience an unhealthy level of stress in our daily lives.

Stress is our body’s natural reaction to threats. We may not be dealing with saber-toothed tigers any more, but still, living during a pandemic, political chaos, even just keeping up with the bills can feel like threats.

What is the Stress Response?

When we encounter a perceived threat, a surge of hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, are released. Once the threat has passed, the hormone levels ideally return to normal.

But when stress is prolonged or always present the stress reaction stays turned on.

The Health Risks of Stress.

This long-term stimulation of the stress-response system and the extended exposure to too much cortisol and other stress hormones can impact almost all our body's processes.

This puts us at elevated risk of many health issues, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain
  • Memory and concentration impairment

Ways to Manage Stress.

So, it's very important to learn healthy ways to cope with our stress. There are a number of effective stress management practices that we can build into our lives, such as:

  • Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise and plenty of sleep
  • Practicing relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing and meditation
  • Getting a massage
  • Reading a book, listening to music or having a hobby
  • Having healthy friendships
  • Laughing, keeping a sense of humor
  • Seeking professional help when needed

What are Adaptogens?

An adaptogen is an herb that “adapts” its function to our body’s specific needs, such as supporting a healthy response to stress. In my practice, and during more than 20 years of experience with Premier Research Labs and their excellent health products, I have found their Adaptogen-R3™ supplement to be helpful in managing clients’ mental and physical stress.

Adaptogen-R3™ is a complete, vegan, multi-botanical formula that supports the entire adaptogenic process. It features the well-known botanical adaptogen, Rhodiola rosea, a resilient Siberian plant that has been used traditionally for hundreds of years, along with other botanicals—Eleuthero root, American Ginseng root, Opuntia and Maca root—that combined make a highly effective adaptogenic blend. As with all Premier Research Labs products, Adaptogen-R3™ contains no excipients, stearates or fillers.

Adaptogen-R3™is great for both super busy, type A personality people or anyone who wants excellent support for occasional stress. You can read more detailed information and order it here.

If you have questions about our stress management therapies, the Adaptogen-R3™ product, Premier Research Labs products or anything else you see on our website, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or use our Contact Form.

Good health occurs from the inside out!