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What is Sickness?

Posted by Peter Seymour Howe on Jul 3rd 2020

Sickness is a result. It is the result of a particular organ, gland or body system being overwhelmed. Let’s take a look at the normal healthy body and its reaction to the outside world. Our body is a marvelous and ingeniously designed bio-vehicle. It is designed to pretty much take on all comers, meaning germs, viruses, bacteria, etc.

What is at work is a process of equalization. Our body is attacked by a stressor in the form of an allergen, as an example. Our body responds with a series of functions that puts the body in stress. Stress is what keeps us healthy. However, too much stress or prolonged periods of stress are not good.

In normal functioning, the allergen would come into contact with the body, the body reacts with stress and the situation is resolved. When the body cannot resolve contact with the allergen, when the allergen continues to be a problem is where sickness is encountered. When the body’s reaction to a stressor is insufficient to resolve the encounter one of two things is happening; either the body organ, gland or body system responsible for handling the stressor is weak and therefore not capable of delivering a response adequate to neutralize the stressor or the attack from the stressor is overwhelming to the point where additional support is needed.

Where sickness has physically manifested itself, either restorative or additional energetic support can be applied energetically once the problem can be defined. The process of defining where and what is causing the lack of energetic response we refer to as Bio-Communications Diagnostics.