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Neurological Support

  • CoQ-10, Premier CoQ-10, Premier

    CoQ-10, Premier

    PRL Technical Bulletin FERMENTED CoQ-10. We recommend Premier CoQ-10 (natural ubiquinone) as the wise product of choice when selecting your CoQ-10 dietary supplement. Our CoQ-10 is produced through a natural fermentation process which yields 100...

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  • NeuroVen™ NeuroVen™


    NeuroVen™ is a comprehensive nerve support formula, featuring two key botanical-based blends, Neuro Support Blend™ and Phospholipid Neuro Blend™. This product offers extraordinary, broad-spectrum support for the entire neurological...

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  • Lecithin Granules, Premier Lecithin Granules, Premier

    Lecithin Granules, Premier

    Premier Lecithin Granules contains premier quality lecithin (with Phosphatidyl Complexes) in granular form. This product features key unsaturated fattyacid phosphatidyl complexes for optimal brain and nerve function support. This product is easy to...

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  • Tyrosine Matrix Tyrosine Matrix

    Tyrosine Matrix

    Tyrosine Matrix features the amino acid, tyrosine, in addition to Tyro- Synergy Support™, an important botanical blend which provides broad spectrum phytochemical support. Tyrosine OverviewTyrosine, a conditionally essential amino acid, is a...

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  • CircuZyme™ CircuZyme™


    Circuzyme™ contains citrus-sourced diosmin, a type of plant chemical used to target blood vessel support.* Diosmin may help support healthy microcirculation of blood including supporting a healthy inflammatory response.* This superior formula also...

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  • DHA, Premier DHA, Premier

    DHA, Premier

    Technical Bulletin At last, DHA from a high quality, pure plant source (from deep sea marine algae) is now available. Premier Research Labs’, Plant DHA has gone straight to the source, producing DHA from the same microalgae sources fish get it...

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  • PQQ Complex PQQ Complex

    PQQ Complex

    Technical Bulletin PQQ Complex with CoQ10 features PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone), a unique B vitamin-like nutrient. It offers nerve, cardiovascular and cognitive (learning and memory) support. This formula is coupled with natural source, fermented...

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