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Teeth Support

  • Coral Legend Plus Coral Legend Plus

    Coral Legend Plus

    Technical Bulletin Are you getting the minerals you really need in you daily diet? Most likely not! Without regular intake of highly bio-available minerals, maintaining an ideal alkaline pH is almost impossible. We have found that the most...

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  • D3 Serum D3 Serum

    D3 Serum

    PRL Technical Bulletin Introducing Premier Research Labs D3 Serum. D3 Serum offers 1,000 IU per serving of natural-source Vitamin D3 as a fat-soluble liquid in a base of extra virgin olive oil. D3 Serum is the preferred form of vitamin D is D3 (not...

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  • DentaVen™ DentaVen™


    DentaVen™ features a probiotic-based formula for superior oral health for adults as well as children. This product offers a specialized, patented strain of Streptococcus salivarius, a beneficial bacteria that commonly colonizes the oral cavity...

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  • Medi-Detox Pack Medi-Detox Pack

    Medi-Detox Pack

    The Medi-Detox Pack is an effective, cleansing dental pack which contains premium quality bentonite clay and zeolite minerals. High quality clays and minerals have been used for centuries in many cultures to promote cleansing. In the past, certain...

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